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Reservation for the use of the Accommodation and/or Facilities at YMCA Ipoh can be made through one of the two methods below, in their respective columns. If this is your first time using the Online Verbal Reservation (OVER) feature, you are required to create an account with YMCA Ipoh.

To proceed with the new account creation, just click on the image in the third column and you will be redirected to the account creation page. You are only required to do this once. You are only required to key-in your IC for future Online Verbal Reservation (OVER) made at YMCA Ipoh.

Complete the required fields with accurate information to avoid miscommunication and disappointments. Please allow a time frame of three (3) working days for us to get back to you with a confirmation on the OVER made.

Do give us your feedback to help us to serve you better in future. Thank you for choosing YMCA Ipoh.


Contact YMCA Ipoh

Make your reservation by calling one of these two numbers below:

+605-254 0809

+605-253 9464


Online Verbal Reservation

Place an Online Verbal Reservation today!
Click on the link below to proceed.


New Account Creation

Create a free online account with YMCA.
Click on the link below to proceed.